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  • Legalized Marijuana has non impact on alcohol sales
    Spirit ,beer and wines sales have not been affected in countries and states where marijuana sales are the most established,according to industry associations. […]
  • Auto Outdoor Fem Mix
    Outdoor Auto flowering Feminized seeds are a mix of our best auto-flowering feminized marijuana strains’ seeds, which are designed for outdoor growing. These seeds are […]
  • Auto Diesel Fem
    Diesel Auto flowering Feminized is a strain in green citrus odor mixed with a smell of fuel to which it got its name. Its leaves are short and wide despite having a physical […]
  • Auto Berry Fem
    Lowryder was crossed with a mix of Grapefruit and Blueberry to produce Berry Auto flowering Feminized. It has a better effect, more resin, and more flavor than its mother […]


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